homeWe offer private estates, country homes,  and secluded properties with spectacular views  in Columbia County, New York, and nearby Hudson River, Berkshire, and Greene and Dutchess County regions.

What we “sell” is quality of life.

Where we live and where we work are key to the quality of our lives.

What we see when we wake up – what we hear as we go to sleep.
The basic quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink.
The relative absence of stress, traffic, craziness . . .
The visual beauty of the land around us.
How our living spaces and work places suit us and how we do things. . . Secluded land, private country homes, farms and estates, weekend retreats . . . these things are very personal.
And we offer personal service, both in the presentation and effective sale of real estate — and in the attention and care we give to our customers who would like to buy property here. It’s that simple.

Selective in the properties we handle, we have a talented office, with additional qualifications and credentials that only serve to enhance what we give to our customers and clients.  And we almost always have fun!